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I+W355- 30Xp45-R

Thermally conductive, electrically non-insulating, phase change material without silicone

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I+W355- 30Xp45-R SEMIC EU
I+W355- 30Xp45-R SEMIC EU
ID Code:183870
Производител:SEMIC EU
Цена с ДДС : 272,9438 €
Цена без ДДС : 225,5734 €
VAT:21 %
Наличност:по заявка
Общия запас:0 m
Marking manufacturer: Xp45-W-30-R
Central warehouse Zdice: 0 m
Unit:: m
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КоличествоЦена без ДДСЦена с ДДС
1 + 225,5734 €272,9438 €
2 + 209,2551 €253,1987 €
4 + 203,6127 €246,3714 €
6 + 201,5831 €243,9156 €
The ICT-Xp45-W-series is cost-efficient, electrically non-insulating and enriched with a high-heat conductive filler, solvent-and silicone-free high-performance phase change material.
The product group comprises three thickness units in total: 0,10mm, 0,20mm, 0,30mm All three products differ only by layer thickness.
Alternative replacement of thermally conductive paste - assure uniformity during assembly and increase durability of semiconductors by long-term material stability - no solvents and silicone evaporate, also suitable for applications in medical technology and optics. It is also an alternative to TIM applied to bases directly by the manufacturers - the advantage of variability, better transport and handling with modules, and there is no need to solve the expiration time of the modules prepared with TIM at the base. Only to watch storing temperature.

Basic information:

Marking manufacturerXp45-W-30-R 
Type of component:Fillers 
Type of material:!_conductive_! 
Material: HousingNon-Silicone 
ColorGY - сив 40 % 
Case:Ширина на лентата W 

Packaging and weight:

Weight:60 [g]
Type of packaging:ROLL 
Small package (Number of units):

Thermal and mechanical parameters:

Tmin (minimum working temperature)-40 [°C]
Tmax (maximum working temperature)140 [°C]
Thermal conductivity3.5 W/m*K
Rth Thermal Impedance0.0076 K-in2/W
W - Width 355 [mm]
L - Length 1000 [mm]
T - thickness0.3 [mm]
Dimensions of outlets0.00 [mm]

Alternatives and replacements

Alternative 1:182439 - I+W300x600-IP50-F05-AL2 (STF) 

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